Getmanov's family collection of samovars that has been forming for more than 10 years reveals the XIX century era to a modern man. This is the world of art, literature, scientific and technological mastery, folk traditions bound with this symbol of Russia.
Overview Of Our First Exhibition
June 14 – August 10, 2021

City of Vladivostok,
Art Gallery "Central"
7246 people attended the exhibition between June 15 and August 10. Those were residents of 16 countries and 63 cities all around the world. All of them brought their samovar stories and got acquainted with our city, country and culture.
In 2021, the collection of antique Russian samovars was first introduced to the audience. The opening took place on June 15 in Tsentral art gallery, Vladivostok. The exhibition lasted until August 10.

The exhibition introduced around 80 samovars restored to factory condition, as well as the works of Russia's honored artists living in Vladivostok such as Sergei Cherkasov, Ilya Butusov, Evgeny and Oksana Osipovs, Nikolai Bloshakov, Sergey Chursin.

City dwellers and guests got a chance to explore Russian Empire samovars and see what part they played in forming the social fabric of Vladivostok. Our guides used samovars to reveal the history of city entrepreneurship, transport and cultural life.

Our guides held 734 tours for them. As for other events, on our own and with the help of our friends and partners we organized 43 creative workshops, city tours and informative lectures. All events were free.

Children played an important role in our project. 35 schools, 9 children's organizations, 11 clubs and even one kindergarten attended us in two months. Our team prepared playful tours for each group to make a story about Russia's cultural symbols interesting to our young guests.

"Let's Preserve Russia's Cultural Heritage" project doesn't stop here. We have a lot of plans: hold exhibitions, organize interesting meet-ups, promotions, flash mobs and even open samovar mail.

We look forward to your cooperation offers and know that learning about samovars is an amazing way to delve into our common history.

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